On 23rd April 2015, ANAW received a call from a community informer about two zebra that werespotted with suspected snares. The KWS vet team was not available at the time  and the teamorganized for rescue first thing the following day, 24th April 2015.
The team comprised of Dr, Njoroge (who works at the Amboseli station but was on leave in hisThika home), Tyson Haranga (Ranger from Ngong Station), Samuel Theuri (ANAW) and SimonWambua (ANAW).Keekonyoke is a community land and sanctuary at KipetoKajiado.The area has approximately 30zebras (we counted 24 zebras).
Two Zebras were rescued, one having been caught up in a wire snare, but managed to pull awayremaining with a wire snare squeezing and cutting around the right hind limb ankle. The secondhad a metal arrow shot into its back; luckily the arrow was not poisoned.


Africa Network for Animal Welfare's Executive Director, Josphat Ngonyo, comments on the Ivory Seizure in Thailand. 511 elephant tusks were found in bags of tea that was said to originate from Kenya. The consignment that weighed 3 tons was going through Singapore and China to Laos. It was estimated to cost $ 6 million USD. It is the largest consignment of ivory ever found in Thailand.


The Judiciary, Animal Welfare and Wildlife Conservation Caucus jointly host talks on Marine Resources

For the first time the judiciary, the animal welfare and wildlife conservation caucus sit and discuss marine and freshwater resources. The 4th National Judicial Dialogue on Environmental and Wildlife Crimes underway at Leisure Resort, Mombasa. The Dialogue draws scientists, resource managers, animal welfare and wildlife conservation experts, the legislative arm including representatives from the Judiciary Training Institute and the Office of Public Prosecutions.


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