Animal in Rescue: Eland
Sex of ‘Patient’: Male
Date of Rescue: 12th April 2017

Activity Description:
ANAW in collaboration with KWS responded to an emergency call to rescue an Eland that was in need of medical attention.

Area of Rescue: Maanzoni Ranch, Machakos County

Actual Work Done:
During a Rescue Campaign exercise in Maanzoni on the 10th of April 2017, ANAW got word from a former resident of Maanzoni Ranch Mr. Steve Tankard concerning an Eland that was in dire need of medical attention. The animal was habituated and was taking residence at his former homestead. In collaboration with KWS vet Dr Njoroge, ANAW conducted a routine check up on the Eland to determine what the problem was. After immobilisation of the animal, a thorough visual and physical examination was carried out.

The individual had a poor body condition score with a high infestation of ticks.
An elevated temperature was observed that was a clear indication of a possible infection with tick fever.

A pour-on ectoparacide was flushed in the areas where tick infestation was high.
An injectable ectoparacide was also administered (Ivermectin).
Broad spectrum antibiotics were also given to counter any secondary bacterial infections.

Pictorial representation of the Eland Rescue:

 Eland with poor body condition before immobilization KWS Vet Dr Njoroge darting the eland ANAW Vet Dr Dennis Bahati administering Broad Spectrum Antibiotics
Eland after treatment about to rise Eland after revival

Activity outcomes:
Eland was successfully darted, thoroughly examined and treatment administered.

General Observations:
Outstanding teamwork between the KWS and that ofANAW was noted.

Moving Forward:
After the rescue activity, Guardians were encouraged to be custodians of the wildlife species within the ranch and continue reporting any cases of snared animals or poaching activities.