Currently, there is a growing global interest in learning more about our community-based approach to animal welfare and conservation issues. Due to this, ANAW has developed an experiential learning program that partners with leading institutions, such as University of Denver’s Graduate School of Social Work, and individuals interested in learning more about ANAW’s work.

ANAW’s experiential learning program provides hands-on experience and exposure to people interested in making a difference through contributing towards animal welfare and conservation activities in Kenya. These activities include, but not limited to, de-snaring and animal rescues, mass dog population control interventions, community mobilization and patrols with the Kasigau guardians in Kasigau ranch adjacent Mt.Kasigau, Taita Taveta County.

In addition, the program:

  • Gives students, professionals and organized groups an enviable opportunity to interact with host communities for a once-in-a-lifetime inter-cultural experience.
  • Engages those involved in practical wildlife conservation work, care of domestic animals, community-based assistance e.g. planting trees in our “Trees for Wildlife Project and social work”.
  • Offers the experience of living with local people and sharing in their daily motions of life.
  • Exposes our guests to a life-changing learning experience that gives participants a different worldview and a basis for advocating for Africa’s animals, people, and environments..
  • Provides our guests with an enviable opportunity to interact with a different world-view.
  • Provides an opportunity to our guests to engage in animal welfare initiatives through providing a platform for them to support the program, both in cash (donations) and kind (engage in vaccination and training activities within the communities that ANAW works with).