Friends of ANAW achieved a remarkable feat in hiking up the Ololosokuan outback in Ngong on January 22, 2018, the first event of the year.

Participants got to know each other through games and introductions when they gathered at Savannah Sunset Lodge. The three -hour hike brought out discussions on tackling challenges in animal welfare in Africa today.
Through its membership structure, ANAW boosts its outreach effort by creating a ripple effect of spreading the animal welfare messages across the continent. The aim of ANAW, through the Friends of ANAW, is to enable nurturing environment for all animals in Africa.

During lunch the group bonded, asked questions and demystified misunderstandings on beliefs and stereotypes on challenges faced in protecting wildlife.

Friends of ANAW deem it necessary to protect their own – animals at home, in the wilderness, in the lakes, seas and oceans and at the farms.

They also have fun, make friends, engage in physical activity and give hope to those passionate in caring for animals as they go forth on these adventures.

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