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Everyone is a steward!

Your laugh at a kitten as it inches its little paws towards your wiggling toes. The awe in your eyes when you watch the magnificence of a majestic elephant matriarch as she leads her herd. The sigh of relief when a newly hatched baby turtle swims into the Indian Ocean after a perilous plod from its nest across the beach to the water. The tears that run down your cheeks when a baby zebra is finally freed from a wounding snare. Profound feelings remind you that the vulnerable creatures need to be cared for protected and conserved with love.

Friends of ANAW are a group of adventurers who love animals! We explore the country in our quest to protect Africa’s animals. We are a subsidiary of Africa Network for Animal Welfare (ANAW), an organization based in Nairobi and the US.

As stewards on earth, we are obliged to make a precious haven for wild, companion and domestic animals. In order to co-exist peacefully with all animals, to understand how best to take care of them that inhabit the earth’s land, water and air, people should learn about their needs and behavior and appreciate their beauty and importance to our existence.

Animals sometimes behave in ways that are unfamiliar to us but can be taught to us by practitioners in the animal welfare field. Friends of ANAW gives you an opportunity to take part in hands on experiences and attend social meet-ups.

As Friends of ANAW we aim to:

  • Inspire learning on recognizing animals’ sentience.
  • Educate and create awareness on campaigns such as illegal bush meat trade, anti-cruelty campaigns, animal law and animal welfare standards and best practices.
  • Introduce and strengthen networks and relationships among Friends of ANAW members.
  • Acquaint new members to the Friends of ANAW program.


  1. Subsidized rates on Friends of ANAW t-shirts and caps.
  2. Subsidized rates on events, trips and excursions.
  3. Subsidized rates on ANAW merchandise.
  4. Regular updates through newsletters and reports.
  5. One complimentary ANAW magazine per year.
  6. Supporting ANAW’s animal welfare and conservation work through internship and volunteer activities.

Every month, venture into exciting micro-adventures in natural wild territories where somber, reflective moments and fun, witty topics spurns inner sense of love for these creatures.


Kenyans are privileged to have the last frontier at their back yard. They have a chance to play a part in loving animals. Join us in our exciting hook ups and chill outs out in Africa’s wilderness!


Friends of ANAW welcomes those whose heart bleeds when they see an animal is hungry, thirsty, in pain or injured. Our members had these to say about our events: