Kenya Gazettes Lake Ol Bolossat as a Protected Wetland Area
Prof. Judi Wakhungu announced that Lake Ol Bolossat – the only lake in the expansive central region, was now a protected wetland area, effective January 24, 2018.

It was a win for all conservationists as the outgoing Kenyan Cabinet Secretary for Environment and Natural Resources, Prof. Wakhungu made the good-tidings declaration during this year’s World Wetlands Day celebrations held on the shores of that newly gazetted lake (Ol Bolossat) in Nyandarua County on February 2, 2018. This international event attended by three Kenyan Cabinet Secretaries was themed: Wetlands for a Sustainable Urban Future.

It was good news for ANAW because Lake Ol Bolossat, like any other water mass, is habitation to so many animals and when interfered with, the ecosystem is affected which negatively distresses the welfare of the fauna. As a build up to the main event, ANAW participated in a community forum held on 31stJanuary 2018 at Kasuku grounds, next to the lake, with over 300 community representatives from Nyandarua County discussing how to avert human-wildlife conflict arising from the lake and how to conserve the more than 150 Birds species, Hippos and other marine creatures in the lake.

It was a beehive of activities at ANAW’s booth as tens of residents of Nyandarua County, conservationists and other stakeholders trooped in to hear from our staff especially on the animal welfare issues that would arise if the lake dried up. Increased understanding of public and community issues by the ANAW field staff.
ANAW got interviewed by a National Swahili Radio on the importance of the lake to animals.

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