1. Capacity Building, Education and Awareness: Improved animal welfare knowledge, skills, attitudes and behavior.

2. Animal Care: Elimination of all forms of cruelty and persecution of animals in society.

3. Human-Animal Co-existence: Harmonious co-existence of humans and animals. 


1. Enhancing Inter-agency collaboration on wildlife & environmental crimes

The National Judicial Dialogues have brought together relevant state law enforcement agencies to chart the way forward in effectively implementing the Wildlife Conservation and Management Act, (2013) through multi-agency forums. ANAW and the Judiciary Training Institute have convened six National Judicial Dialogues and three Trial Advocacy Training sessions between December 2013 and December 2016. Some of the key outcomes of the dialogues and training include drafting the amendments to the Wildlife Act, 2013, passing of stiffer wildlife-crimes related penalties, establishing an inter- agency collaboration framework to share and access intelligence information.

2. Promoting alternatives to harmful use of animals in research, education and testing

Thousands of animals die during experiments and demonstrations in university teaching and training methodologies. Over time, innovative methods have been invented to replace the use of live animals in learning environments. Unfortunately, the majority of such institutions in Kenya and the concerned personnel are not aware of those alternative methods to the use of live animals in experiments. ANAW is working with these institutions, organizations and like-minded individuals to promote these innovative alternative methods through workshops, trainings, education and awareness.

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