ANAW Rescues a Zebra at Nairobi National Park’s Border

Following a distress call from one of the residents of Tuala Community which borders Nairobi National Park, and acts as a wildlife dispersal area, that a male zebra had been spotted limping and painfully pulling a wire-snare on its left hindlimb, ANAW in partnership with Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) responded and after immobilizing it, removed the wire that had eaten into the zebra’s foot resulting to a severe wound. After clinical assessment and treatment, the mammal was released to the field.

It was such a joy to see it stop a little, look at the vets as if saying, ‘thanks’, and then wagging its tail, hopped away to join its fold.

Again, ANAW wishes to appreciate the donors who reach out to their pockets and contribute resources to make rescue these wild animals.

When they are happy, you’re partly the reason for their happiness!
Many thanks, too, to our strong partners, KWS who have never hesitated to respond whenever ANAW has contacted them for an emergency to rescue an animal in pain and distress.


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