• Meet Our Volunteers

Brian Eddy Mbanga is an ICT enthusiast and holds a Degree in Business Information Technology from Kenya Methodist University.

Brian joined ANAW in July 2017 as a volunteer with the ICT where he provides information technology support, manages organization online presence, Graphic design and quick newsletter updates. Possessing a unique and dynamic nature, he has freely blended into various activities that are held in the Organization.

Brian has training certification in CISCO unified communications, CISCO Certified Network Associate (CCNA) and Digital Marketing certified by Google.

In the two months, he has been at the organization, he has worked hard and recharged ANAW’s social following, achieving hundreds of new followers on Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Prior to joining ANAW, he has worked with Brand Kenya Board as an ICT assistant facilitating smooth ICT operations, Media 316 – Lulu FM in Malindi as Business Support Assistant and as an Intern in various Organizations like the Unclaimed Financial Assets Authority of Kenya and Broadcast Solutions International.

Mr. Mbanga continues to increase ANAW’s visibility through his singular skills in social media messaging and broadcast.

Meet Michael Yulu; a Photographer and Videographer volunteer in the Public Affairs Department.

He studied Television Production at the country’s premier media college – Kenya Institute of Mass Communication (KIMC) where he graduated with a Diploma in Television Production.

Michael joined ANAW in july 2017 for a three-months volunteer program in Public Affairs Department and he brings a wealth of experience having worked for several production houses and media stations including; Ebru Africa, KTN, KBC among others. He opened his production company Solid Bold Productions which has gone ahead to produce innovative documentaries, television commercials and an upcoming travel television series, #wheretobe

Mike, as is commonly refered to by his peers, is also a keen videographer and photographer. His work at ANAW includes and not limited to wildlife, reportage, portraits, and commercial imagery. His main aim with these genres is to produce images that are unique and engaging with  a view to increasing traffic at ANAW’s social Media Platforms – to which he has assidously achieved so far.

Mr Yulu has been able to produce feature stories and documentaries that, again, have been well received on social media. His scintilating documentaries have been able to showcase what ANAW does on the field in terms of desnaring (removing wire snares set up by poachers), community outreach and capacity building and also giving the public a feel-of-the field experience from the videos he compiles and uploads on youtube.

His captivating pictures have strongly been featured on ANAW’s Instagram, Twitter handle, Facebook Page and have attracted tens of animal lovers and photographers to the sites hence enhancing organization’s visibility and pulling crowds to the organisation’s agenda.

Michael desires to maximize his skills and experience for the betterment of ANAW, for the three months that he will be working with the organization.

Elly Kirwa is a One Health and research aficionado holding a Bachelors’ Degree in Veterinary Medicine (BVM) from the University of Nairobi, working as a veterinary volunteer under Programs Department at ANAW. He provides support in de-snaring and rescue activities as well as Promoting Animal Welfare Education in Schools.  Being a all-rounded veterinarian, Elly as he is fondly known by his contemporaries, also does hotel web reviews, essay writing, architectural designs and designing of computer aided applications in both medical and veterinary field.

Elly has previously worked with diverse organizations including Obulex Solutions, Gignet Technologies, Sercombe Veterinary Surgeons and Ngong Race Course among other reputable companies.

Mr. Kirwa has diverse training in Veterinary Emergency Response, One Health Community Needs Assessment and Disease Monitoring and Surveillance of the infectious and zoonotic diseases and these skills and experiences will come in handy as he performs his duties at ANAW.

For the two months he has been in ANAW, Elly has made the first web-review of Kifaru Guest House, a facility ran by ANAW, to which the proceeds go to conservation, and documented the interpretation of animal welfare related laws in the Kenyan Constitution. He has also contributed in opening the organization to research in its areas of interest especially bush meat hunting and habitat/wildlife conservation.

He is a young person who believes in solving community’s challenges through multi-disciplinary collaboration in the One Health approach to create a stable, safe and comfortable world to all animals, man included!

Meet the smily Gladys Wangechi Chege who holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics. Before joining ANAW in July 2017 as a volunteer in the Administration section under Operations Department, she worked as an Operations Clerk Intern at Transnational Bank Limited and Nakumatt Stores as a Nivea Brand Ambassador.

Gladys has remarkable interpersonal and communication skills that she so uses at the front desk where she is assigned currently. As the first ‘eye’ of ANAW, she has blended excellently and so easily with the clients who pay visit to the organization.

Ms. Wangechi’s quick ability to learn procedures and new systems has helped her navigate the Quick Books finance application with ease and helped reduce the backload in general journal entries as well as petty cash.

From her seat, she has diligently provided support to all teams ensuring that the mandate of ANAW, which is to promote humane treatment of all animals is undertaken with ease and highest efficiency.

Lastly, Gladys continues to build her knowledge on the relationship between her work and that of Animal Welfare daily.

Stephen Methu Wanjiku was born and raised in Naivasha which is 91 kilometers to the west of Nairobi, spending most of his formative years in a place full of wildlife and an unimaginable biodiversity. Stephen attended Kenya Wildlife Service Training Institute where he graduated with a Diploma in Tourism and Nature Interpretation.

His great passion for wildlife and environment during his schooling years eventually turned into a career in tourism and conservation. From then, Stephen worked with several conservation bodies such as Sadhana Forest, Rocha Kenya, Elsamere Center for Education in Sustainability, Nature Kenya, National Museums of Kenya and Naivasha Basin Sustainability Initiative.

Stephen joined ANAW in July 2017, where he is volunteering and assigned to Kifaru Guest House, a hotel facility ran by ANAW and whose profits go to promote humane treatment of all animals. His specific duty is to connect visiting guest with nature by providing information on general ecology and conducting guided walking safaris, birdwatching, game drives and urban tours.

Pascal Mwachofi holds a Degree in Tourism Management from Kenyatta University. His love for nature and wildlife has inspired him to have a responsible approach towards the co-relation of a nature friendly environment and direct effects it has on Tourism. He has managed to share his knowledge comprehesively with collegues at ANAW and members of communities during field expeditions like conservancy desnaring activities. He is also a skilled driver and with his proffessional skills he has been a great asset in Logistics and Transport section in the Operations department. Read more