Animal in Rescue: Zebra

Sex of ‘Patient’: Male

Date of Rescue: 24th May 2017

Activity Description:

ANAW in collaboration with KWS responded to an emergency call to rescue a Zebra that was suspected to have a snare on left hind foot due to serious limping with the animal consciously avoiding to step down with the affected foot.

Area of Rescue: Maanzoni Ranch, Machakos County

Actual Work Done:

ANAW received word concerning a zebra that was spotted seriously limping at Maanzoni Ranch with a suspected snare on its foot from one of the ranch guardians. The Rescue team comprising of Dr Dominic – KWS Vet, 2 KWS Vet Assistants and one ANAW Vet – DrBahati set out to rescue the distressed animal.

The affected ankle was severely swollen with pus emanating from the open wound, however, no snare was found.

The zebra was successfully immobilised and the foot assessed. The wound was flushed with hydrogen peroxide and iodine. Broad spectrum antibiotics were also administered to counter any bacterial infections. After treatment, the zebra was revived and let loose.

Pictorial representation of the Zebra Rescue:

Zebra after being immobilised for treatment Wounded foot undergoing treatment
Zebra attempting to rise after treatment and revival Zebra after release

General Observations: 

Commendable cooperation and assistance from the Maanzoni Ranch guardians who made spotting of the animal quite easy.

Outstanding teamwork was exhibited among the different teams involved – ANAW and KWS, ensuring the successful darting and removal of the snare.

Moving Forward:
Guardians were encouraged to continue their mandate of being custodians of the wildlife species within the ranch and report any cases of snared animals or poaching activities.