Animal in Rescue: Zebra

Sex of ‘Patient’: Male

Date of Rescue: 10th April 2017

Activity Description:
ANAW in collaboration with KWS responded to an emergency call to rescue a Zebra that was caught with a snare on the right hind limb.

Area of Rescue: Maanzoni Ranch, Machakos County

Actual Work Done:

ANAW received a distress call on the morning of April 10th concerning a Zebra that was spotted at Maanzoni Ranch with a wire snare on the right hind limb. The call was made to us by one of the guardians of the ranch. ANAW later informed KWS Vet Dr. Njoroge who assembled his team ready for deployment. ANAW and KWS Teams responded immediately and arrived at the scene within an hour’s time.

The snare on the limb was long in length resulting in limited mobility hence darting and immobilisation of the Zebra was easy.

After restraint, the wire snare was hand removed and the individual immediately revived. Strangulation was minimal thus minor damage to the surrounding tissue was evident. The animal was let loose.

Pictorial representation of the Eland Rescue:

Zebra with wire snare on the right hind limb Zebra after being darted Zebra after immobilization with wire snare on the right hind limb
Wire snare being removed by ANAW Vet Dr Dennis Bahati Zebra being revived after snare removal Zebra after revival and release

Activity outcomes:
Zebra was successfully darted and snare removed. Minimal damage had been inflicted with no trauma to the hoof and surrounding muscles. After removal of the snare, animal was revived and let loose.

General Observations:

A recommendation was that more patrols be done by the guardians to spot any snared animal.

Outstanding teamwork was evidenced by the different teams involved – ANAW, KWS and Maanzoni Guides, ensuring the successful darting and removal of the snare.

Moving Forward:
Guardians were encouraged to continue their mandate of being custodians of the wildlife species within the ranch and report any cases of snared animals or poaching activities.